Oasis Wfs Pvt Ltd

Non Cooling Drinking Fountain

OASIS WFS Pvt Ltd is a trustworthy wholesale Supplier of Non Cooling Drinking Fountain in India. We provide a wide range of Non Cooling Drinking Fountains which is inclusive of MMRSL, M140R, F140PM and PAC. These Non Cooling Drinking Fountains are very easy to operate and transport. We offer these Non Cooling Drinking Fountains at the most competitive prices.

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Non Cooling Drinking Fountain - MMRSL

We are a genuine Supplier of MMRSL in  India. MMRSL is a stylish drinking water fountains with a standard vandal-resistant push button to activate the flow of water. Along with a flexible bubble guard, our MMRSL has a heavy gauge galvanized steel frame.

  • They are perfect for high traffic areas and locations

Non Cooling Drinking Fountain - M140R

M140R is a stylish drinking fountain designed especially for compact and high-traffic areas. The waterways of our M140R are lead-free in materials and construction.  Please contact us for ordering M140R at the most affordable prices.


  • They perfect for high traffic areas and

Non Refrigerated Cooling Drinking Fountain - F130PM

F130PM is a non-refrigerated, semi-recessed stainless steel drinking fountain for direct connection to a cold water supply or for use with remote water chillers. When the fountain is properly installed, it allows your facility to comply with the changing requirements. It has a single mechanical push-button on cabinet front


Non Cooling Drinking Fountain - PAC

PAC is a non-refrigerated drinking fountain and delivers ambient water. Models like P8AC and PAC shall include front and side mechanical push pads to activate the flow of water. Basin shall be designed to eliminate splashing and standing water.

Features -

  • Waterways are lead-free in